10 Stunning Tourist Destinations In Louisiana


Situated in the southern part of USA, this place is undoubtedly out and out amazing. And not just that, swamps, French colonial architecture and the charming villages along with the historic plantations of this place are all found within the territory of Louisiana.

So, let’s discover that what are some of the most famous places to visit Louisiana.

1. Grand Isle

The Grand Isle is a barrier island and is quite famous among travellers and tourists alike. The town of isle has a phenomenal climate and it overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. The fishing charters are quite common and also are one of the most exciting ways for catching fish.

2. Avery Island

The Avery Island is situated in Iberia Parish and is hardly a few minutes away from the Vermillion bay itself. It is simply one of the most fascinating tourist destinations to visit. If you are planning to visit this place, then it would be a great decision.

3. Breaux Bridge

The Breaux Bridge is a small parish town. The charm of this place is out and out amazing to imbibe in one’s being. It is also known as the crawfish capital of the world. And the lively zydeco music will make you want to join the locals and express your joy by dancing in the streets.

4. Natchitoches

This is perhaps the oldest settlement in Louisiana and also boasts plenty of French and Spanish colonial architecture as well. This place has an amazing aura and is simply picture perfect for traveling.

5. Laura Plantation

The Laura plantation thrive in the early 19th century timeline. And then, it was known by the name of Duparc Plantation. Almost six cabins remain on the property which highlight the somewhat troubling part of the American history.  It can prove to be one of the great family destinations in Lousiana.

6. Baton Rouge

It is perhaps one of the most beautiful place to visit in Louisiana and is also the state’s historic capital. Here, you will be finding 100 year old campus, sports stadiums, Indian mounds and what not. It is a great place to visit if you want to know about the history of this place.

7. Lafayette

It won’t be wrong to say that the Lafayette is situated in the very core of this place. However, there is not any kind of shortage of the nightlife also where you can get every opportunity to express your joy in the form of dancing and having fun.

8. Oak Alley Plantation

The Oak Alley plantation is located on the banks of the Mississippi river. No doubt, that it is a remarkable place to visit and cherish its history and present. For making airline reservations to Oak Alley Plantation simply give our travel experts a call at +1 (800) 986-9456.

9. Louisiana Wetlands

This part of the island is generally not inhabited. However, what makes this place a simply amazing one is it’s raw nature and amazing natural environment. No wonder, you should visit this place as it comes under the top 10 attractions in Lousiana.

10. New Orleans

The New Orleans is quite an amazing place to travel to. The French quarter is home to the much famous Bourbon Street. It is here that you will be finding live music and cold drinks from morning until night. This is an amazing place to be in.

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