Best Multi-City Flight Hacks

Traveling using multi-city flights is indeed the best way to save a good amount of money while traveling. Using this method you can carve out a few extra days between your traveling and before reaching your destination and then finally be coming back to home.

So, the multi-city flight-booking engine is a great way for doing this. It is a known fact but there are not many people who use it. So, just to introduce those who haven’t noticed it, here is an image.

There are many examples in which you will be discovering that many people have successfully saved up to $1,000 USD using this method of cheap multi-stop flight booking. For illustration, we can conclude, a person booking a flight from Korea to the USA had to book a one-way flight which cost around $2,000 for round trip. What this person was facing a problem was that he wanted to fly into the USA on the west coast and fly out from the east coast. And using multi-city feature he ended up costing equivalent to a one-way trip. So, at times using this multi-city flight feature may help you save huge on your flight fares to international destinations.

How does it work?

 The multi-city flight booking works like any other normal search engine except for the fact that you put in each stop you want to along with the date as well. Comparing it with the normal search we can say that it can help you get the lowest airfares. And breaking up trips like that will make your flying hours a lot more bearable.

Looking for Stop Overs

New York, USA

There are many international airlines like Iceland air, Air France which offers stopovers in the capitals of their country of origin. Let’s just say that if you fly from New York to Tokyo, you can definitely get in contact with the authorities and ask them if they will let you stay in Paris. And what’s good is the fact that they won’t cost any extra airfare while you can enjoy a great deal of your stay in other locations.

What would be a cherry on the top is that if you have a credit card linked to your account then you can book over the phone and for that, you will be getting bonus miles for every dollar you spend on the flight ticket itself.

Begin With A Single Stop & Hack The Route

 Talking about stopovers, we can say that, they are an easy way for the customer to save a big amount of money. If you want to get the benefit of availing the exclusive flight deals then our travel specialists can get you the best of flying experience. Here is what you need to do:

You can start with a regular round-trip flight search and get the round trip fare.

Notice the information about the layovers and the stops.

Hack the Route – For this, there are certain options which you can choose from which are given below:

  • Use the multi-city option, to begin with, a single route and simultaneously track the cities which are on the way.
  • After that observe and notice any stop which will be costing you with less than 50% of the original round trip fare price.
  • Find the major cities you have dreamt of seeing and visiting along the route. There are often two places which you may find and think of as unimportant but it is there, that you will be getting the best bargain airfares.
  • Above all. Be flexible with your timings and dates. It will be helping you a great deal.

The Catch

But just like any other thing, there is a catch here too. You get to save money but at the same time, you lose time also. How? The answer is simple: while searching and making bookings and arrangements throwing in other little things as well. And certainly, you will be spending a few days along the way which is again time-consuming.

And talking about the little things; they are the cost of the hotel in which you will stay and the hours which will be somewhat wasted while traveling to and forth in and out of the airports. Overall, it would be a less expensive experience in terms of airfares but definitely a time consuming one.

While culminating our talk, we can say that this method can indeed prove to be useful for saving money but certainly, it is not that much preferred if you want to save time. You can book cheap multi-city flights through us with our travel specialists while availing huge discounts. Call +1 (800) 986-9456 for reaping the benefits out of the offers right away.

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