Simple Ways To Unplug with Life & Its Chaos


It is quite an interesting thing to know and even think about that just about anybody in today’s times wants to be at peace in the sense that they want to disconnect with the world if not for life-long then at least for some given moments in time.

Don’t you think the same?

But what are the reasons that people are drawn to a thinking pattern like this? Why just about everybody wants no chaos in their lives or why there is so much pressure in the first place itself?

And what can be the cure to this or if not cure then what can be the answer to this even in partial ways?

It is one word – Travel.

But how? How does traveling can be of any help when it comes to unplugging yourself from chaos or the hectic ways of life?

But first, we should discuss that what are the various factors which unplug you from living in the first place itself?

They can be many and vary from

  • Society’s expectations
  • Relentless demands of the society
  • Overconsumption
  • People who now don’t matter to you

And now the factors to which we want to connect back to

They can vary from

  • Values
  • Culture
  • Connecting To People
  • Life

So, what are the ways which can help you in getting unplugged from life?

1. Starting The Day With Yourself

Generally, it is kind of best to start your day with yourself in the first place. In the sense that when you wake up just go and see the sky – let it sink in and see how you feel after that?

Or maybe just drink a glass of fresh water or lemonade will do fine as well. Basically, the idea is to start the process of the day in a jolly manner.

2. Turning Off The News

Too much of news can help you in increasing your stress levels and certainly, you don’t want too much of negativity in your life.

So, for that, it is best that you turn off the news for some hours and just focus on good things in life which can range from even small things like sunrise to cloud gazing.

Just try and do that once and you will be seeing the difference for yourself. No doubt, it is one of the best ways to live life in a peaceful way.

3. One Superfood Into Your Diet

It is important for you to stay healthy while living and for that, it becomes imperative that you consume a good diet supplement in your food consumption.

For the beginning, you can start with high protein diet like cottage-cheese, eggs and perhaps meat as well.

Apart from that, you can also go in for smoothies and other shakes which are rich in protein and another dietary supplement.

4. Reading

Reading is a great activity and can help you in enhancing your creative faculties. It is when you read you can get the best of both thee worlds as in the fictional world and the real world in which you live.

5. Explore

Exploring is one such activity which can literally help you in getting things done. For that, you can even start exploring new things like going to a restaurant or maybe even go to that beach.

6. Journal Writing

Journal writing is one of the best things which you can do for unplugging yourself from the chaos of life in general.

It helps you in getting rid of all the mental clutter from life and expressing things in a completely new perspective altogether. It is a great way to release all your stress and tensions.

7. Neighborhood

Getting to a new neighborhood can also help you in unplugging from life itself. However, it is also a great opportunity to connect with other people and get to know them.

8. Watching Something You Like & Love

When it comes to laughter and fun then the best way to vent out energy can be to watch something like a movie or a serial which you like.

Not just will it help you in getting relaxed but will also introduce you to new possibilities in terms of stories and growth opportunities.

9. Time & Communication

Time and communication are the kinds of things which may help you in getting new things discovered with your loved ones in the sense of bonding, relations, and love. And if possible, then travel to destinations that unplug you from the chaos of the world.

10. How Do You Want To Feel

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life may only help you when you know in the very first place that how do you want to feel?

This question may seem weird but it is quite important for you to ask yourself. How do you want to feel?

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