Ten Longest Business Class Flights

As we know that business class is the most luxurious way to travel and explore the countries along with their culture to making opportunities for making money. Mainly business class is used by the elite section of the society, the likes of which not just travel to go on vacations and discover and explore the world of nature, sky and mountains.

Rather these are the people who are mainly on the hunt of success, with a motive of cracking that business code of success touching the sky where there are no limits whatsoever spanning thousands of miles and continents for those golden opportunities. This would be a basic yet tremendously powerful description of business class and its fundamental purpose.

So, in this blog of ours we will be exploring the longest business class flights i.e. in terms of their distance spanning from one continent to another.

1. Qatar Airways: Doha, Qatar-Auckland, New Zealand

However plush or remarkably excellent services are provided by Qatar Airways, passengers will always feel a feeling of emptiness traveling on Doha to Auckland first class flight as this one spans an iconic distance of 9,032 miles taking the time span of whopping time period of  17h 30 minutes making it the most long-haul flight in the race.

2. Emirates Airlines: Dubai, UAE- Auckland, New Zealand

Emirates Airlines is one of the most known airlines known for providing its customers with an exceptionally great customer service which is the ultimate concoction of iconic on-board services ranging from high-end entertainment, simply exotic cuisine experience. Emirates Airlines covers an astounding distance of 8824 miles in the time frame of 17h 25 minutes.

3. Qantas Airways: Sydney, Australia- Dallas Fort Worth, USA

Watch your favourite movies and TV shows experiencing enthralling inflight services of Qantas Airways. The time duration and the distance spanning making it the third longest business class flight in the list. The total distance is about 8,578 miles which takes a total time frame of about 16h 55 minutes.

4. Singapore Airlines: Singapore, Singapore – San Francisco, the US

If you want to know that how it feels when you travel in a business class flight sitting on the plush chairs, eating the best cuisine possible from the hands of the most celebrated chefs then the factor and significance of time and distance travelled doesn’t bother you much, but still, if you want to know about these two significant factors then we would like to tell you that Singapore Airlines takes about 8,446 miles and 17h 25 minutes to complete the distance between these two countries.

5. Delta Airlines: Atlanta, the US – Johannesburg, South Africa

Delta Airlines specially understands that how it feels to be bored and tied of doing nothing and it is out of that understanding that Delta Airlines provide its customers with the perfect blend of on-board services. So, sitting ideal becomes a little hard as the passenger has immense options for enjoyment on long-haul business flights. Regarding the distance, Delta Airlines holds the number 5 position for traveling 8439 miles with a duration period of 16h 55 minutes.

6. Etihad Airways: Abu Dhabi, the UAE – Los Angeles, the US

When it comes to class and luxury there are not many airlines which can stand against the Etihad in terms of basically everything whether it’s the plush interiors, the flight attendants, the entertainment, the cuisine. Talking about the distance spanned by Etihad Airways is about 8,438 miles which it covers under the time frame of about 16h 55 minutes.

7. Emirates Airlines: Dubai, the UAE – Los Angeles, the US

Ever wonder how it would feel while traveling in a way which you won’t have imagined I your dreams, to get to know that an experience so subtle like this be in human experience. The total distance covered by Emirates is about 8339 miles within the time frame of 16h 15 minutes.

8. Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudi): Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Los Angeles, the US

If you want to experience what it really feels like to travel in a soothing and comfortable way then you have got to experience the business class services of Saudi Arabian Airlines and get to know what it really means to be a part of something amazing. The total distance covered is about 8332 miles which is covered in the time limit of 16 hours and 40 minutes.

9. Qatar Airways: Doha, Qatar-Los Angeles, the US

If you want to know the ultimate traveling experience then Qatar Airways is one of the premium airlines which offer its passengers with the best business class inflight services. Travel in luxury with Qatar Airways. What is interesting is the fact that it stands on position number 9 covering the total distance of 8,306 miles under the time frame of 16 hours and 15 minutes.

 10. Emirates Airlines: Dubai, the UAE – Houston, the US

As we already have discussed that how Emirates airlines provides its customers with a premium traveling experience.  The feeling of watching that sunset, the rain the clouds while sitting on the plush interiors of this airline, perhaps , while reading a book or chatting with our loved one makes it really an unforgettable experience. It spans the total distance of 8168 miles under the time period of 16 hours and 45 minutes.

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