The Rise Of Food Tourism

As a traveler, everyone is interested in discovering the various exceptional aspects of the foreign lands, their people, and even their culture. And along with culture and architecture of the place, there is another important perspective which is food, which is a factor everyone strives for in this world. And day by day, there are many people who are just specifically planning food trips for tasting various cultures and cuisines of just about any number of popular travel destinations. If you want an example for that, then Toronto’s Caribana Festival is quite a good one.

And according to a survey the population quota of travelers who specifically travel to taste the cuisine experience of various lands has gone up to 51% from 40%.


‘‘If you are looking for a culture of a country, taste its food’’ this statement is actually quite true. The specific colors and the vibrancy of the dishes is the essence of any culture and stands right in the middle of all the connections of heritage and incredible culture.

And one can clearly see the travelers taking more and more initiative in appreciating the culinary culture of the place and being the part of it. Culinary culture has transformed the way we travel up to quite a hilarious extent. And for the best culinary experiences across the globe and knowing the latest food travel trends all you need to do is a little research on the internet.

Food Tourism

The word “culinary tourism” is actually coined by the World Food Travel Association. It was a non-profit organization which somewhat acted as a link between culture, cuisine, and tourism. And talking about all the foodies out there what better opportunity then this to create really meaningful memories!

And owing to all the above-discussed reasons we can say that food travel is not a new thing but it has been definitely been rediscovered by people all over the globe.  There are 59% of travelers who say that culinary experiences are more important and significant as compared to a few years before.

Social Media & Food Travel

It would be somewhat unfair to say that food travel is now just about the taste. On the contrary, it is about many other factors like atmosphere and authenticity. In fact, most of the travelers and bloggers as well consider and post photos of incredibly delicious food products on social media as well. On the other hand, there are tourists who share thousands of food and beverage related image on the social media as well.

Food Travel Apps

If you don’t know then there are many food travel apps which are quite interestingly helpful.

Table 8:  Table 8 is around the United States which allows the travelers to search and make flight reservations for some famous restaurants.

Feastly: For travelers who are looking for exceptional cuisine experience then feastly is prepared to attend meals by local chefs.

VizEat: The VizEat apps offer the travelers with a truly local experience. Using this application the traveler can attend dinner parties and even tours.

Experiencing Food Travel

Food travel does come with its own risks and rewards. Travelers grow with their voyages and learn to take risks and experience food in one of the most relishing ways. So, if you really want to enjoy food culture then you can follow these tips to make the most out of your travel experience.

Learn from the locals – If you really want to experience the local food of any place then observing the locals and where do they travel to eat can give you an edge. And if you find that a spot is full then it is definitely a good place to eat.

Festivals – There are many food festivals which offer the tourists with some of the most exciting opportunities to surround themselves with cultural and musical possibilities.

Tasting mindfully – Tasting mindfully is actually a great experience and also allows you to completely engage your senses into food.

Be Open To New Experiences – If you are open to new experiences and you let yourself go according to the flow tasting and experiencing new dishes which you come across then you would definitely be taking and essentially imbibing these prolific experiences into yourself.

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