Top 10 LGBTQ Festivals To Visit


No doubt, the topic of LGBTQ community is quite a sensitive one and generally our society is such that they tend to avoid it wherever they can.

However, you would be somewhat surprised to know about the fact that there are a great number of events and festivals for this specific community around the world.

So, without any delay let’s explore these amazing LGBTQ festivals and events.

1. The Milkshake Festival

An unflinchingly interesting festival – The Milkshake festival happens in Amsterdam just before the Gay Pride with the slogan of “for all who love”.

In this festival, one gets to see and experience some lively major performances, acts and plethora of fun, excitement, and laughter.

Just about everywhere there are enriching spectrums of colors and people dressed in crazy costumes giving out their best performances. There are even half-naked dance parties. Can you believe that?

The main aim of this festival is to promote and celebrate its queer culture which is outright infectious in its aura.

 2. LGBT Film Festivals

Movies, cinema, and films are a great way to celebrate the lively nuances of one’s culture. And it is a very independent kind of thing to know that there are numerous film festivals which ceremonialize the existence of LGBT culture.

Some queer examples of popular LGBT film festivals are Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival and Q Cinema which romanticizes the very aura of the LGBT community through art.

3. European Gay Ski Week

The European Gay Ski Week happens in the beautifully ravishing Switzerland every winter season. And talking about North America’s largest ski area, it is known for celebrating Whistler Pride in the month of January.

4. World OutGames

There are also a wide variety of Gay Sports events as well. And one such event is World OutGames which happens in different locations around the world. At the OutGames, you will be finding thousands of athletes who will be competing in just about everything ranging from a wide variety of sports such as beach volleyball and wrestling, chess, and many other sports as well.


When it comes to the lesbian section of the society, then there are also many other events like ELLA which celebrate the Lesbian culture. Celebrated every summer in Spain in Palm Springs it is quite a great festival to experience and visit.

The activities of this festival include music, parties and a lot more things which celebrate the festive vibe of this occasion.

6. Southern Comfort Conference

But there are also many other conferences year around! Every autumn season, the transgender activities happen which are quite hilariously lively and enriching!

In the fort, the city hosts these dynamic conferences which happen on a yearly basis. And other than that, the city hosts the Southern Comfort Conference where many activists and educators gather for learning and networking.

7. Gay Circuit Parties

There is no doubt that there are many mega-parties that take place annually around the world. And catering to different segments of the society!

Taking an example we can say that there are many Sitges Bear Week hosts which is a phenomenally amazing place to travel to this place. Then there are circuit parties as well which are quite popular for a particular subset of gay men.


The Unit festival happens in Berlin for LGBT technology and science for general audiences. In two of the world’s biggest tech hubs, these are the events where you can say that the queer aspect of the technology intersects. It is one of the best events for the LGBT community.

9. Sparkle In The Park

In the year of 2006, an annual transgender festival called Sparkle in the park is celebrated at Sackville Gardens in the city’s very own gay village. And in the last year as well, there were around 12,000 attendees.

10. International Gay Rodeo Association

 If you happen to like more of a western cowboy kind of aura then you will be finding many gay rodeos in the United States of America.

And this is organized by the International Gay Rodeo Association. Anyways, attending a gay sports event will be kind of fun, isn’t it?

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