Top 10 Popular Tourist Destinations to Visit in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the most picturesque countries in the Eastern-Europe. Here the tourists will be finding some of the best scenic views in terms of vast mountains, majestic rivers and scenic lakes and towns. Today, in this blog of ours we will try to discuss that why Slovenia is one of the best tourist attractions in Europe and why you must make your voyage to this eclectic country?

1) Lake Bled

Lake Bled is quite an attraction for the travelers who come to explore this amazing country. With the ecstatic blue color of the lake, the vast sky along with the backdrop of the magnanimously humungous mountains, it becomes one of the best places to go to. The most phenomenal ways to appreciate its beauty is to go up the hills or perhaps climb the castle which is built on the island. A great view! Don’t you agree? Search and get the lowest business class air ticket fares to Slovenia with our travel specialists.

2) Vintgar Gorge

The Vintar Gorge is not far from the Lake Bled. There are many bridges here which allow the traveler to enjoy the majestically charming views of the river. When you would see the clarity of water you won’t believe your eyes. And thanks to cheap flight options to Slovenia that you can travel cheap to this popular European country!

3) Lake Bohinj

It may be not as popular as the Lake Bled but it definitely is the favorite of the locals. It is not that far from the Lake Bled; the distance would be about of 40 minutes. However, owing to certain factors we can say that it is also somewhat less-touristic for the travelers comprising the more of a wilder form. Here, you won’t be finding any kind of castle or any other kind of greatness. It is quite calm, composed and simple.

4) Savica Waterfall

Talking about the Savica Waterfall we can say that it is one of the most charming tourist destinations in Slovenia. What is an interesting thing to know about this place is the fact that the water which flows in an underground river gets out of the middle of the wall and that there is a climb of about 550 steps just under the trees?

5) Piran

Piran is one of the most elegant towns which you will ever come across in the Slovenian peninsula. With enormously magical alleys and the magnificently delightful cuisine, it is quite a place to visit. To get the most incredible view of the whole town and the Adriatic Sea as well you need to go on the fortification walls. And especially the dawn and dusk views of the place are simply mind-blowing.

6) Lake Jasna

With the tremendously vast sky, the backdrop of the mountains and the shades of the green trees and the clear water it indeed promises an incredible view. Here, you can even enjoy swimming in the pleasantly cool and clear waters. By visiting Lake Jasna you will be creating memories for a lifetime.

7) Logar Valley

The other name for the Logar Valley is Logarska Dolina. If you want to experience the charm of traditional farms and vast mountains then this is the right place for you to visit. There are several valleys which offer you to get to this place. But when you drive yourself to this unique place that is when you will get to know the joy and happiness of living and seeing nature in its raw yet emotionally eclectic form.

8) Soca River

Soca River is quite the charm of nature. Owing to its extensively intense color, it is also referred to as the ‘emerald river’.  Here, people often can be seen doing rafting and kayaking. And as you go deep into the valley, you will be finding many small bridges which allow you to discover its hidden aspects.

9) Novo Mesto

Novo Mesto is a small town which is located on the coast of the river with a church as its main and significant charm. If you love a serene and calm atmosphere then you will be absolutely loving it and also if you love to click photos.

10) Mount Triglav

If you desire to experience something quite big, then Mount Triglav is perhaps the best option to explore. It is the highest mountain in Slovenia with a mesmerizing height of 2,864 meters. The mountain is the pre-eminent symbol of the nation as well as it appears on the flag of the country.

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