Top 10 Travel Books

Books have got this incredible magic to inspire people in their own way and to give them hope and fabricate a belief system for them so that they are able to achieve their goals in life. One can read all kinds of books ranging from self-help to fiction which is out there in the market based on one’s interests.  But today, specifically we will be talking about some of the best books regarding traveling; an activity which has a potential to inspire people in a way like no other. So let’s get started

1) On The Road By Jack Kerouac

On the road was written in the year of 1957. It is about the protagonist journey and his ups and downs during his journey where he leaves New York City and heads to the west making friends, having fun and having some of the best moments of his life. If you love poetry, music, and jazz and want to experience emotions in their true raw form then this book is for you to read. An interesting fact is that this brilliant novel is ranked on 55th number on Modern Library’s list of 100 best novels. Make your first class flight reservations to New York so that, perhaps you can also enjoy a little road trip of your own on the roads of this beautiful city.

2) Vagabonding By Rolf Potts

This book is for the newbies who are looking for opportunities to travel on a long-term basis. If you are looking for a philosophy and travel motivation then, this book is specifically for you. The author Rolf Potts himself has spent many years traveling and this book is a result of his first-hand travel moments and experiences.

3) The Alchemist By Paulo Coehlo

Boisterously flaunted as one of the most inspirational books of the 20th century, The Alchemist is a must read for those who are looking for some travel inspiration and want to pursue their dreams. It was written in the year 1988. It is a story about a boy named Santiago who goes from Spain to Egypt following his dream and it is on the way that he learns the true meaning of life.

4) Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

It is the real story of a boy named Christopher Johnson McCandless who hitchhikes into Alaska, wanders into the wilderness on his own with a desire to create something valuable from his life. And in the process, he also leaves his family behind. Unfortunately, four months later his body is found in the wild. This is the story of his death, his life, and his ambitions.

5) Long Way Down By McGregor & Boorman

This book revolves around two people (the authors) and it is their tales from motorcycle trip from Scotland to South Africa. This book is perfect for someone who loves exploration and most importantly motorcycles.

6) Eat Pray Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

This is the story of the author herself who can also be considered to be a modern-day American woman. She is trying to finding meaning in life and visits three countries. For pleasure, she visits Italy and to eat the most dynamic of the cuisines possible and then to Bali and India for love and finding devotion. In short, this book has everything that will inspire you to explore the world.  Book your business class air tickets now to explore the fun which there is in traveling to these three iconic countries.

7) A  Walk in The Woods By Bill Bryson

It is an autobiographical account of the author. This book is about rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail and is the first-hand account of an attempt to walk the trail with his friend Stephen Katz. If you are looking for travel inspiration then, this is just the right book for you.

8) Blue Highways By William Least

After separating from his wife and losing his job, William who was 38 years of age at that time took an extended road trip into America discovering new cultures and people along the way. He also took his van, portable toilet and throughout his journey he only stuck to the blue highways which were a term coined by him to refer to the most unlikely of the roads.

9) Marching Powder By Rusty Young

This book is about Thomas McFadden who was a drug smuggler and was arrested in Bolivia. The book is about prison life and the hierarchy inside the prison life. The story has got everything from the production of cocaine to how he ended up in a life of a criminal outlaw.

10) The Motorcycle Diaries By Che Guevara

‘The motorcycle diaries’ is the first-hand account of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara who was then, a 23-year-old medical student and with his 29-year-old biochemist friend left for an iconic voyage. They left Argentina on their motorcycle to explore the South-America. It is during the journey that Che Guevara thinking gets transformed and he decides to fight for the cause of the poor.

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