Top 15 Mistakes Every First Time Flyer Tends To Make


So, you have decided to fly for the first time at last! Maybe you are going to your favourite destination with your friends or family.

But hold on, if you are flying for the first time then there are a few points which you might want to consider before getting on board that plane and experiencing what exactly it feels like to fly and to touch the clouds.

1. Booking a Specific Seat

While flying on the plane it is important to be seated on the seat of your choice so as to enjoy your flight experience in the most comfortable manner.

So, for that you would need to make sure that you get the seat you want by making your reservations at the earliest. And for that we at Hicinko can help you choose the seat according to your preference.

2. Packing Way More Than Your Requirement

It is also interesting to know that you don’t need to pack as much as you may think you need to. That is just a psychological thing of our brain to react to a situation which we don’t know much about.

Just focus on packing the most relevant things as per your vacation plan so as not to burden yourself with extra luggage weight.

3. Right Size Carry-On

Before heading towards the airport make sure that you have skilfully measured the size of your carry-on as the policies for domestic and international carry-on luggage may vary up to a great deal.

4. Packing Large Liquids in a Carry-on

It is equally important to notice that you are allowed only 3.4 ounces of liquid in a container which should be in a clear and quart-sized container.

However, it is best advised to not to carry any kind of liquid in large containers. It is one of the important things to know while flying for the first time.

5. Passport Expiration

You definitely don’t want to be in a situation when you suddenly realize that your passport is on the verge of expiration. Maybe you have just booked your flight tickets but then suddenly you are faced with this blow on your face.

And to avoid that it becomes absolutely necessary to renewing your passport as and when time demands!

6. Not Double-checking Your Itinerary

It is absolutely necessary for the people who fly for the first time to check and then double check their itineraries. There is no harm in rechecking your flight timings, the time zone of the country and everything ranging from bus routes, trains and everything else.

7. Are You On a Tight Schedule

While traveling to your favourite destination for the first time it can be very easy for you to get lost in the city. So, it is highly advisable that wherever you are going – take all the precautions of not getting lost which can be anything ranging from staying with your team all the time to hjaving a proper GPS activation system with yourself like an app.

8. Importance Of Your Phone Plan

One of the best precautions to have would be to adjust your phone data pack according to your travel needs. It would be downright stupid to disregard it and move along without it towards you journey. It is one of the common mistakes first time flyers make.

9. Don’t Take Too Much Cash With You

It is very necessary that you don’t take too much cash with you as in the longer run it will be inviting danger if in case it gets stolen or anything of that sort happens with you while on your journey.

So, in this case it would be absolutely sensible to collect cash as per your basic needs and when you need you can take it out from your nearby ATM.

10. Forgetting to Alert Your Bank of Vacation Plans

Alerting your bank should be absolutely on the first things to do on your checklist. Because in case of fraud they will be the ones to take care of everything from your end! And ignoring this might prove to be a big mistake from your end.

11. Uncomfortable Shoes

It is highly advised that you take the pair of shoes which you have been putting on for some time now rather than a pair of shoes which is very new for you.

12. Skipping the Research

It would be completely ignorant of you to skip the research part about your destination and just hop on to it without any knowledge about your destination. In the long run it will be disastrous for you in terms of traveling, eating, staying and just about anything which you do.

13. Overscheduling

Overscheduling is one of the most important things to jot down in the list of “not to do things while traveling.”

It would mean that you will have to skip a lot of your time and jamming it for traveling, eating, playing and just about everything else which will only make your schedule more and more hectic.

And that is the thing which you don’t want to do on an overly basis.

14. Playing It Too Safe

Playing it too safe would be an absolutely boring kind of experience for you. Thus, when you are on a vacation, it becomes necessary to try new foods, try new things, and go on that beach and what not.

Because if you don’t do that then what is the fun in that? Isn’t it so?

15. Don’t Panic  

Don’t panic and keep it cool as panicking won’t bring you much positive results rather it will only depreciate your thinking ability.

So, with a chilled out attitude just enjoy your traveling, don’t panic and above all remember to be joyful.

So, if you have decided to take the leap of faith and fly to your favourite travel getaway then you can contact our travel specialists at the toll-free number +1 (800) 986-9456..

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