Top 15 Travel Jobs That Let You Travel Around The World

The idea of traveling around the world and being able to make money doesn’t suit well, isn’t it? If you think logically then how can traveling be used to make money?  It is simply an absurd idea but it isn’t like that and there are a great number of jobs for people who love to travel. Yes, today traveling which is a fun element in everyone’s life can be a steady source of income. How? Let’s discuss.

1) Teaching English

Yes, however simple it may seem but teaching English can get you to travel around the world. It won’t be wrong to say that people who can speak and write English have a certain edge over others. There are plentiful opportunities to teach English in foreign lands which can land you with a good income.

2) Tour Guide                       

Being a tour guide is really one of the best travel jobs which can give you a wide array of growth opportunities as well as a good numerical figure on your paycheck. There would be great chances of your being getting to know new people, cultures and traveling to popular travel destinations around the world at the same time.

3) Flight Attendant

The job of Flight Attendant is really cool when it comes to traveling. Good money and traveling around the world goes hand in hand with this job profile. However, for this job, you will need a certain level of educational degree and qualification without which you cannot really do it.

4) Working on a Cruise Ship

Working on a cruise ship is really one of the best deals that you can get and land upon in your life. If you can secure it then it would be really prolific for you in monetary terms and it will allow you to live a thrilling life on the sea as well. And what more can you want with life if you love to travel?

5) Yoga & Dancing

Activities like Yoga and Dancing can really get you a chance to earn really good money. So, if you love traveling and are also a passionate artist then there won’t come a period in your life when you will be out of work and this will also allow you to travel and pursue your passions at the same time.

6) Bartending

It is the fundamental job when it comes to travel and earning money. It is really one of the best jobs if you possess working visas for other countries. And having a previous travel experience can really help you find some work in this field.

7) Becoming a Ski Instructor

Becoming a ski instructor is really one of the best opportunities to travel the world and at the same time to seek thrill and adventure in your life. There are really a great number of jobs which are available in Canada and the French Alps which can become a good source of earning as well as traveling proving to be one of the highest paying travel jobs.

8) Working with International Hotel Brands

Working with big names in the hotel industry can offer you with a great opportunity to earn money and if you are getting transfers then this can truly help you to roam around the world in a really bold way as well.

9) Website Design

As we already know that we are living in a digital epoch which is tremendously exciting opportunity for just about anybody to search and explore various job opportunities. And amid all this, website designing can really land you with some really good options for traveling and earning money as well.

10) Writing About Travel

Being a travel blogger and writer can also provide you with certain opportunities which can help you earn good income and also provide you with ample opportunities where you can travel around and also working around.

11) Freelancing

If you love traveling then being a freelancer in various fields can help you out with your dream of traveling. Freelancing in writing, photography, videography can give you good travel jobs. And if you want then you can also start up a small company.

12) Become An Actor

Yes, although it may sound a little awkward being an actor can offer you with some really cool opportunities to travel around the world. Especially in Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies you can expect to do wonder if you love traveling and are passionate about it.

13) Interpreter Job

If you think that you are good with words and can handle language both in writing and speaking in an equally proficient manner then, this is just the right job for you and you can expect to do marvelously well in it.

14) Humanitarian Work

Agreed that being a humanitarian is not that lucrative for a job but it is simply an amazing experience in itself and it can certainly give you enough to eat. Traveling to the countryside and working for the welfare of others can be highly satisfying.


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