Top Dream Farm House Vacations In Tuscany

Italy is the kind of place which is quite famous for its powerfully eclectic skies, it culture, its vibrant aura and exceptionally majestic culture. No matter how many times you visit this magnanimous country, the truth is that you will never get bored ever.

In Italy, as a tourist, you can indulge in innumerable fun inducing activities with your loved ones like dining in some really great restaurants to doing much simpler things like taking a walk by the river under the trees or maybe living in a farmhouse during your holiday vacations. It is indeed one of the most brilliant experiences which one can imbibe in oneself.

So, let’s get started and get to know about a few yet best farmhouses in Italy to spend holidays where you can pass your vacations in quite a great manner.


It is a sprawling estate with a whopping land mass of about 2500 acre. One can often see quite a lot of people here completely indulged in the fun of profound activities which are here to explore. Especially in the summer season, one can enjoy terrific sunsets with people you love. And it is in the summer months only that the cool nights bring immensely delicious dining opportunities with them.

You would be quite surprised to know that this state is run by a family and has been in working since the year of 1959. The farmland which surrounds the luxury villas is actually an olive oil grove producing some really delicious Tuscan olive oil. It makes a great opportunity for a luxury farmhouse holiday stays in Tuscany.

The Hamlet

With about 11 renovated villas, Hamlet is an area which will offer you with the combination of luxury while still keeping its exceptional charm. And here you will also be finding a central piazza where you can find great Tuscan cuisine which is absolutely delicious. And owing to its vastness it is the kind of place where one can choose to be a part of social activities or if one so desires then staying secluded will work as well.

Especially, Casa Luisa is the kind of place which offers its tourist with a traditional farmhouse boasting of the Chianti hills where one can listen to the chirping of the birds in the morning.

Villa Pippistrelli

And if you are still not satisfied then there is another great option for spending your vacations on a farmhouse named Villa Pippistrelli. It is quite a splendid place where one can experience life in its full magnanimousness.

And it won’t be wrong if we say that it is the kind of place which has got a strikingly similar aura with fairy tales. The elegant rooms of this villa are so big that they can accommodate up to 14 people in them in quite a comfortable manner. And not just that, it also has its own infinity edge pool, secluded garden surrounded by layers of trees and Pippistrelli.

What to Do

It is actually quite interesting to know that at Montestigliano you can be as relaxed or as innovatively active as you may like. Here you can spend a good amount of time reading a book calmly or you can just spend your time by doing other activities like swimming, lounging on chairs etc.

And if you want more of a insightfully detailed information then what you can do is follow these activities.

Olive oil tasting

A fact that may interest you is the Montestigliano property has got over 2,000 olive trees out of which about 2,000 liters of delicious olive oil is harnessed on an annual basis.


If you like taking part in adventurous sports then hiking is a great option to get yourself involved into. And it is the kind of activity which can make your adrenaline levels go higher. A hike to one of the three castles Castiglion Che Dio Sol Sa, Spannochia and Montarrenti can really prove to be quite a memorable experience for the traveler.

Wine Tasting

Tasting wine is another example of a fun activity which can be done in this region. Here you will be finding some of the finest wines which you won’t get anywhere else in the world.

Take A Day Trip

What is really great about Montestigliano is the fact that here you can explore some really small but great towns offering you with joys and Tuscan experiences. One of the most popular towns of this place is Siena which is situated at a distance of no more than 20 minutes.

Dining At The Estate

If you go to Tuscany but don’t dine at Montestigliano then the trip won’t be that worthy. The meals offered here are simply exotic with a touch of awesomeness. They are lively and totally fun. And what is furthermore interesting is the fact that in the dessert as well you will be getting pizza, especially if you happen to be there on the Pizza Night.

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