Travel Guide to Christmas Markets in Prague

Christmas is on the threshold and what better place to enjoy the magical and soulful spirit of this joyful festival than in European Christmas markets. And talking about the Christmas markets, the name of Prague comes at the top of our Europe travel list. With its Christmas culture, restaurants and great shopping opportunities and obviously the wanderlust and the magical atmosphere, it becomes the best Christmas market-place that one must visit in Europe.

Why Prague for Christmas?

The main reason that a great emphasis has been laid on Prague for your Christmas getaway shopping is that it is not that much a big place like Germany and Austria. So, your shopping experience will be somewhat enhanced.

Secondly, the popular markets are also located nearby which makes it all the easier and comfortable for you to do all your shopping and there is absolutely no need for any kind of personal or public transportation.

And thirdly, here you will be finding some of the best and fun things to do and things to buy ranging from Christmas gifts, a variety of food, the prices are low as well as it is a low season and what’s really good about it is the fact that you can also grab jaw-dropping business class flight deals to Prague for your air travel.

When is the best time to go?

If you ask us about the best time to visit these markets then all we can say is that the merry-making starts way before Christmas in the beginning of the month of December itself and lasts till the early days of the month of January so visiting Prague somewhere during this time is really a good start for you to explore the various aspects of Prague’s Christmas travels. But before you go, it is advisable that you do check out the proper timings of the markets. These markets are a great opportunity to discover many new things indeed.

Where to go?

Now the question arises after the when part is ‘‘where?’’  Prague is indeed one of the best places to visit during the Christmas season but apart from that as well it proves to be a great place for traveling. However, if you have made your plans and packed your bags then these are some of the great Christmas markets in Prague where you must definitely go owing to their popularity and worthiness.

Republic Square

Old Town Square

Wenceslas Square

Peace Square

Prague Castle

What to buy?

So, after booking flight tickets to Prague, you are finally there but you will certainly be overwhelmed by the huge variety of things which you will see in the market. We know that when you see so much glitter, you want it all but unfortunately cannot have it. All. So, to help you with your shopping list here are few items which you may want to check out if not buy.

Christmas tree Decorations

Christmas decorations

Wooden Toys

Christmas Ornaments


Glass Ware

So…The After Word!

So, to make the most out of your travel to Prague and Christmas markets, we would advise you to take cash with you as the vendors there might just not accept your credit cards. And what is really unique and laudable about these markets is the experience that you carry with you; especially when you are there in the cold winter night and the stalls and the whole market lights up with Christmas lights. It is truly a magical experience if you ask us! Now, I think that you must be pretty much convinced about visiting Prague. So, why wait? Get cheap business class flight airfares to Prague with our travel specialist. Dial +1 (800) 986-9456.

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