Ultimate Travel Guide To Visiting Charleston


Have you ever been to Charleston? If no then you should definitely consider visiting this place at least once. Do you want to know why?

Because no matter how small this city is but it is powerful enough to pack a very delicious charm of various things into it! Charleston is the kind of city which may seem small but is also very interesting putting various factors like its history, its culture and not to forge its food as well.

Yes, it is the kind of city which offers you a certain aura which is quite infectious in itself and somewhat motivates you to stay more in that place.

And in this blog, we will be specifically talking about this place and its various aspects. So, let’s get started and discuss Charleston vacation ideas and guides

Best Places To Stay

Planters Inn

Planters Inn has been quite a classic choice for customers since its inception, which was in the year 1994. This truly elegant hotel offers you a very wide variety of services. It Is indeed one of the cheap hotels to stay in Charleston.

Grand Bohemian Hotel

This is just the best concoction of fashion and plays in its total physicality. It was established in the year of 2015 and till date is quite an iconic choice for its customers. It would indeed be one of the experts picks for your Charleston vacation.

The Governor’s House Inn

The Governor’s House Inn is one of the most amazing hotels which was built way back in the year 1760. What is truly great about this place is the fact that it suits with an aura of the place very nicely.

Zero George Street

It is the kind of place for those who are very centric about their particular choices and tastes. The residence of this place is quite amazing and simply mind-blowing to visit and create some cherishing memories with one’s loved ones.

What’s Hot?

Spoleto Festival

The Spoleto Festival is quite an amazing festival which allows you to experience theatre in all its immensity. For example “The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart” is the kind of play which will simply take away your breath.

June 16 Marathon

Then after that comes the excitement of June 16 Marathon which is basically a tribute to the Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki and his Tokyo-based studio Ghibli. It is one of the best things to do in Charleston.

The Establishment

After you have experienced the Marathon then you can check out The Establishment which is an amazing place to go after a hectic and tiring day.

Visit Aqua Terrace Roof Top Bar

Aqua Terrace Bar is the kind of place which is quite amazing and simply mind-blowing. It has got three floors and is one of the most popular bars to visit in Charleston.

Best Places To Dine


Husk is the kind of place which is quite amazing when it comes to eating out. The vision with which the cuisine is made here is quite amicable enhancing the overall charm of the place.


This is the kind of after party spot which is quite famous among the people whether it be a date night detour or a late night party spot.

Lewis Barbecue

Comparing to other spots Lewis Barbecue is quite new but equally powerful. The food program here is led by John Lewis and what is quite interesting is the simplicity of menu here.

What’s Popular?

Popular Beaches – Isle of Palms, Edisto Beach and Morris Island are some of the most popular beaches here at Charleston.

Popular Restaurants – Hank’s Seafood Restaurant, Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar and Fig are some of the popular restaurants in Charleston.

Best Things To Do

Drayton Hall – Drayton Hall is the kind of place which has survived the tests of time and is still standing tall and proud. It is a perfect example of history and cultural blend in America.

Charleston Farmers Market – This market is held every Saturday from the month of April to December at Marion Square.

Self-Guided Walking Tour – This is perhaps one of the best ways to explore and discover minute nuances of Charleston on foot.

Know Before You Go

Best Brunches – Macintosh, 1kept and Canon Green are some of the best examples of Brunch options when it comes to exploring Charleston.

Best Historic Tours – Joseph Manigault House, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Heyward-Washington House are some of the best examples of historic tours which you can opt for.

Day Trips – Beaufort S.C. Old Bull Tavern and Saltus River Grill are the best day trip options worth considering if you ever visit Charleston.

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