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Q1. What is Buy Business Class all about?
Buy Business Class is one of the leading online travel agency and has the objective of providing concierge-grade services to international business class travelers. We as an online travel agency try our best to provide our customers with the best of our services developing long term, impactful and harmonious relationship with our customers. We work keeping the objective in mind to provide our customers with the value for money business class airline tickets.

Q2. What kind of information, as a customer/passenger must I provide?
As a customer you will need to fill up a form with the legal and correct information about the people who are traveling, such as their names, the date of the flight, its’ origin and destination, preferred class of travel and information. After you as a customer provide the necessary information we will reach you with the price and itinerary and will be helping you throughout the process.

Q3. How Buy Business Class consistently offers the lowest airfare possible?
We at Buy Business Class provide our customers with the lowest airfares and cheap flight deals owing to its network of brokers, consolidators and licensed travel agents which again owing to their expertise make the cheap flight rates accessible to you. We at Buy Business Class lay a great emphasis on providing our clients with the best and cheap flight deals, lowest air tickets prices and last minute flight bookings, so that our customers can harvest the benefits of the premium offers and discounts and save big.

Q4. What if I need to make any changes or perhaps cancel my air ticket?
At Buy Business Class give our best efforts and try to be flexible with our clients. Changes relating to date and time can be made but they are subject to airline availability, applicable rules and other applicable charges, if any. However, if change in the name of the passenger is to be made, that cannot be done.

Q5. What if I miss my flight or I am unable to board the flight for some personal reason or perhaps due to an act of god?
Buy Business Class simply cannot bear any kind of responsibility or accountability for missed flights and we can’t reinstate the ticket after it has been suspended.

Q6. What is a consolidator?
The consolidators can be termed as the wholesalers of Airline Tickets to the travel agencies operating under the retail model of business which is made available to through retail travel agencies.

Q7. When can I expect my refund?
It depends upon the rules of the airlines, if the rules allow then the funds for the airline portion will be refunded within 7-14 business days. As said that it will be depending upon the airlines and the bank policies. In any case the customer must get in contact with his/her bank for the same.

Q8. How do I get the best value for money?
It would be good that if you buy your vacation packages during the non-peak times of the year. Avoiding the major holidays can really prove to be money saving. Generally it has been seen that Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s prove to be the cheapest. And if you are planning your tour to famous places like Las Vegas then, leaving on Friday tends to cost a fortune and so does returning on Sunday’s so being a traveler you must avoid these days if possible and if your timings are flexible an you don’t have much problem changing them.

These were some of the hacks which you can follow for yourself if you want to get the best value for money traveling experience.
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