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Privacy Policy

Buy Business Class makes sure that yours i.e. the customers privacy is assuredly protected while he/she is making use of Buy Business Class. We, as a leading online travel entity which is digital in nature makes sure that the best possible services are provide to our customers from our end. For providing our customers with the with the most premium flight booking experience, we may ask you to share some of your personal information like the customer’s name and address and number and other basic things which are very fundamental and general in nature. Understanding the privacy policy of the particular brand or website immensely helps the customer in understanding the working style and other things about the company.

Personal Information

The customer can freely visit Buy Business Class and get his/her queries cleared without providing any kind of information which would be general in nature.

Transactional in nature
If the customer decides to purchase a business class air ticket after visiting Buy Business Class, then, in that case, to successfully complete the transaction information regarding the billing address the customer will need to share the information with Buy Business Class.

All about the subscription
As a customer you can avail the special benefits for our exclusive flight deals which are made available at lowest airfares and for that you would need to subscribe with us and for which you as a customer will need to provide us with your e-mail address.

Now, how we will be using this information of yours is listed below.
Firstly, this information will be shared with the imperative third parties to complete the transaction in a successful manner which will include the vendors you have selected.
Secondly you, as a client would receive the necessary information or communication from us or third parties as well which would be acting on our behalf like the necessary travel arrangements or maybe the flight reservations.

As a client, you may choose to receive the special offers and information regarding promotional activities from us or from third parties, working on our behalf which, according to our good perspective can really prove to be valuable for you in certain regards.

However, we may disclose your confirmation certain situations and under certain circumstances. If in any case you violate the rules and regulations or, if required by any government authority and if owing to which, Buy Business Class has to transfer the information to it then, your personal informational data will also be a part of it.

However, we being a law abiding online travel company which believes to work in an ethical manner won’t sell, rent our customer’s personal private information. Definitely, the security of our customers is of utmost importance to us. And taking that into account we use a high-end security system which includes firewall systems the access to which is restricted, hence, we make sure that there is no disregard of our customer’s personal information in any sense possible. An important point to note here is that we may change these policies according to our perspective which would be in immediate effect when we post it to the specific section. Any compliance from your, that is the customer’s end in that case would mean that you have accepted them and have consciously made the purchase or have involved yourself into an kind of monetary transaction with us.

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