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Cancel and Refund

For fully unused tickets there is a 100% refund policy. For travellers who are hospitalised at the time of scheduled departure, if they are able to provide their hospitalization certificate then Buy Business Class will cancel the reservation before the scheduled departure time.

However, if the passenger/traveller doesn’t notify the ticket issuing entity, that is Buy Business Class in this case, then, Buy Business Class will not be responsible/ liable to pay or refund any amount full or partial.

We at Buy Business Class are unable to provide a specific timeline that for how long it may take the company to process the requested refund from the customers end. An e-mail notification will be provided to our customers once they request the refund and if it is met according to our policies. However, the notification on e-mail doesn’t qualify you for the refund. It is to be duly noted down that we as an online business entity are dependent on the suppliers for the refund and which, charge a specific penalty for the refund. This entire process is a time consuming process and may take a long time for which the company is not to be held liable. Once, everything is sorted out then the refund will be initiated.

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